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Dr. Stella Compton Counselling

13 - Jun - 2011

I studied at the City of Leeds College of music and at the Royal Academy of Music


Dr. Stella Compton UKCP Reg.


Private Clinics in North and Central South London.

My private psychotherapy practice is firmly rooted in clinical evidence and constantly evolving as all clients have the opportunity to provide feedback which I qualitatively evaluate. I also offer Clinical Supervision in the CAT model.

My integrated treatment approaches are based on twenty years of knowledge, skills and experience which can help a whole range of common problems encountered by young and older professionals, parents, adolescents and performers from all branches of business and the arts
Please see the testimonials below.

The quality of the therapeutic relationship is a key factor in helping you to feel better and to make positive changes. At your choice we may decide to incorporate creative arts approaches such as drawing or sound, though the focus is on providing you with a tailor -made psychotherapy treatment to address your unique issues within a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic alliance.

From my earliest childhood I was taught to live life with a non-discriminatory philosophy of valuing difference. My recent work and research has been recognized in the NHS as notable for in-depth understanding of the cultural and creative therapeutic needs of ethnic and other minority groups. I have implemented in the NHS a major practice-based doctoral research project through King's College London and the Institute of Psychiatry in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University.


"I came to Stella at one of the darkest and hardest moments of my life and I am better as a result of of having met her. The therapy surpassed my initial expectations. I had tried other approaches. Stella actually listens to you and emphasises. The work with Stella has been invaluable,I wouldn't have been able to cope with my trauma without her."

"I have had a one year course of treatment with Stella for major depression- which I wanted to conquer without taking medication...
I found our sessions helpful. Although I found it difficult to sometimes understand some aspects, I was able to work on what we had talked about.
After today's session, I recognised feeling stuck in a rejected -rejecting role. When I saw this I could use the tools that we had drawn up together, to figure out what I wanted to do assertively.
I wanted to share this now, as it felt like an important achievement for me and something that I want to hold on to."

"I have become calmer and more relaxed about things"

"The therapy showed me insights into myself and my surroundings"

"I learn something valuable from every session"

"It helped me to deal with difficult situations"

"I feel happier and clearer in myself and have more confidence."

" I was very ill when I first met Stella. I am calmer now, I understand my past, I now have ways of coping with my anxiety: I am much more in control of myself and I am no longer frightened;I enjoy life and I am able to travel by Plane now; I understand my upbringing, I have grieved and coped with the death of my parents, I can accept my past now."

"I can address issues in a more positive and productive way. The therapy helped me to recognise unhelpful behaviours and to be honest with myself"

"I have become much more aware of how some past events shaped me, and what I need to attend to in the future;I have become less reactive to events and more reflective. People have noted that I am calmer. I stopped smoking when I started therapy and I have not started since! Although I was not sure what CAT would be like, it fitted with my expectations. Therapy was very helpful for me as it made me focus on some very difficult feelngs which needed attention. I thank Stella Compton for how she facilitated and contained the process."

This client had lifelong problems and completed a 20 session course of therapy.

"I would like to thank Stella for making me aware of some of the patterns that have made me unhappy within myself. Now life is so much more pleasant and I am able to approach my day to day life with a greater understanding of my own mind and the processes that go through it. I have changed as a result of this therapy, I had struggled with emotional states that made no sense, I now know what triggers them. I am now in a stable relationship.

Stella helped me to keep my ship afloat through a devastating few months

Sexual and other forms of abuse in my childhood had blunted my responses to many things but also allowed me to tolerate things that i should not have tolerated. I have learnt self-awareness and self-respect in a different way, also I now respect another human being who may unknowingly be pushing my buttons that they do not know exists."

Continuous Professional Development

  • ACAT: Accredited Clinical Supervisor.
  • ACAT: The Self in CBT & CAT Training.
  • Professional Counseling Organization: Introduction to CBT 2010
  • UKCP: Changing Children's Lives Conference 2010
  • Couples Training through 'Inter-action' Training and Consultancy:
    1. Introduction to working with Couples 2009
    2. Meeting Their Partner's needs
  • Counsellors & Psychotherapists in Primary Care: 'Working with Sexualised Trauma' February 2011
  • International Association of Forensic Psychotherap (IAFP)Annual Conference. Edinburgh 2011 Attended.
  • International Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.(ICATA) Krakow Poland September 2011 Presenter.
  • UKCP Event 2012: Black Men on the Couch.
  • Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham 2012-2013: Contemporary Neurobiology and Psychotherapy Seminar Series.
  • The 4th Qualitative Research on Mental Health Conference. 2012. Nottingham. Presenter
  • International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia ( ISPS) Conference. Birmingham 2012 Presenter
  • Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy Annual Conference Manchester 2012 Presenter
    • International Association of Forensic Psychotherapy. Annual Conference
    • Forensic Music Therapy Conference Seoul, South Korea April 15th 2013
    • Forensic Arts Therapies Conference Rampton Hospital, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust May 1st 2013
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